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home_healthcareSyCom has deep expertise in providing IT solutions in the healthcare field, especially integrating the latest technology solutions with proprietary medical systems. We provide consulting and integration services which enable business efficiency while focusing on patient care quality improvements. By designing and implementing health care best practices as part of the Cisco Medical Grade Network Architecture, patient care solutions such as the following can be implemented:

  • Infrastructure/Data Center Design and Deployment
  • HealthPractice & HealthLocate solutions from Extension Inc. & CenTrak
  • IPcelerate Healthcare solutions
  • Cisco HD Collaborative Care solutions
  • TeleHealth solutions


home_educationSyCom has long standing partnerships with many Colleges and Universities as well as public and private K-12 school districts. We are actively working to enable technology in the classroom as many of our customers adopt one-to-one computing initiatives. Security is top of mind as well as most schools adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment which requires secure access to the network regardless of the device used. SyCom offers best practice design consulting and stellar implementation services that enable secure wired and wireless access for students, faculty and administrators. We also have unique solutions to leverage the network for collaborative communication and solutions to manage physical access to facilities, both during and outside regular operation for the purpose of providing a more protected physical environment.

SyCom offers a broad portfolio of technology solutions to support your educational environment:

  • Unified communication
  • Messaging and collaboration
  • High-Performance networking
  • High-Definition video
  • Data center design and optimization
  • Server consolidation with virtualization
  • Desktop migration and virtualization
  • Cloud solutions
  • Project management
  • Disaster recovery architecture and implementation
  • Security vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Backup, recovery and archive


home_governmentOur expertise with public sector organizations and local county government is unsurpassed. Local governments face challenges of connecting multiple offices and employees together. Saving costs is especially important. One of our clients, a prominent law enforcement agency in Virginia, is implementing a video conference system based on a TelePresence by Cisco solution.


financialIn the Financial services industry we have experience with both small and large size companies with projects ranging from simple to very complex. We work with you to improve customer experiences, drive down costs and most importantly to address regulations. SyCom Technologies provides security solutions that have been proven to guard your business environment before, during and after threats. Our continuous Penetration Testing covers the broad range of security evaluations by conducting external testing, internal testing, web application penetration testing, social engineering and incident response. We also provide on-going technology services such as day-two support, a Network Operations Center (NOC) and technical assistance center (TAC) support, and long-term consulting (LTC) services.

Professional Services

home_corporateSyCom can help your professional service business increase operational efficiency, saving time and money. Our advanced technology solutions help you better collaborate with clients, provide safe and secure data and allow employees to use their own devices with mobility solutions “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” without skipping a beat!


manufacturingIn the manufacturing arena, we primarily focus on providing solutions that improve efficiency while adhering to regulatory requirements. Most businesses are focused on getting products out the door quickly and a strong Internet of Things (IoT) platform is crucial to this effort. IoT, the connecting of devices, machines and things to generate intelligent data, will increase operational efficiency. SyCom will construct a solid and secure network infrastructure, converge networks and install advanced data analytics to allow businesses to become more productive while maintaining a high level of security. We also provide ongoing technology services such as day-two support, a Network Operations Center (NOC) and technical assistance center (TAC) support, and long-term consulting (LTC) services.




At SyCom we strive “to provide outstanding and memorable service in everything we do”. Learn more about us by watching our video.



Cybersecurity Event at New College Institute

April 19, 2017

SyCom Security Practice Manager, Darren Manners, was pleased to be a guest speaker at the New College Institute ‘How Hackable are You?’ cybersecurity event. For this session, Darren examined how an organization, business or individual can be attacked by a hacker using social engineering techniques. Social engineering is...

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Security Solution Video Released

April 18, 2017

In December 2016, SyCom took its preexisting Continuous Penetration Testing Solution and gave it a brand – RedSpy365: A Continuous Penetration Testing Service. Now, continuing to showcase this popular, uniquely-designed security solution, SyCom has recently released a video on YouTube explaining the solution in detail and highlighting its...

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Continuing the SyCom VCU Partnership

April 4, 2017

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) – a premier urban, public research university located in downtown Richmond, Virginia – hosted its 2017 VCU Tech Fair at the beginning of April. Having a strong partnership with VCU, SyCom was happy to be a sponsor of the event, which gave us the...

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